Rapper Dougie B is arrested after shooting outside the courthouse a day after shooting a clip with Cardi…


According to his lawyer, DRILL rapper Dougie Bee was taken into custody after being shot outside the Bronx Supreme Court building.

This happened a day after the rapper filmed a music video with Cardi B, as first reported by NY Daily News.

The court staff heard a shot shortly before 13:00, when the court staff was preparing for a lunch break.

Apparently, bailiffs took to the streets and, hearing a shot, arrested four people.

According to Prosecutor Don Florio, Dougie B. was one of those arrested.

The shooting allegedly occurred after a group of men had an argument and one group started chasing the other before the man in black pulled out a gun and fired.

It is currently unclear what caused the shooting.

No injuries were reported as a result of the shooting.

Reporter Noah Goldberg said he personally witnessed the event.

It is also unclear whether charges will be brought against Dougie Bee because of this event.

The NY Daily News reported that Dougie B. was scheduled to appear in the Bronx Supreme Court for a court appearance in another case when the shot was fired.

This was due to the fact that Dougie’s friend and colleague B. K. Flock was arrested after she reportedly killed a man in December.