Rapper Cream’s Marijuana Test is Positive


Korean rapper Young Cream, in the past of the gathering M.I.B, was captured by the police. On May 7, Channel A’s “News An” announced that Young Cream was set up for doubts of damaging the Narcotics Control Act and was addressed by the police.

“News A” reports that Young Cream was captured on April 29 after the police got a call from a lady who said she was being trailed by a man she didn’t have the foggiest idea. It’s portrayed that the man had followed her from outside the lifts on the fourth storm cellar level to the parking garage, and he continued talking incongruously as he did things, for example, ask where the exit was.

He is depicted as then carrying on uncommonly upstairs in a strip mall. A source from a land office stated, “The primary thing that caused me to feel something was off was that he said that he would purchase a structure. I’d possibly portray it as his brain was meandering.” They said he left a business card when he left.

The police made a beeline for the location recorded on his business card, and they discovered him in an office around three minutes away. They speculated that he had ingested medications, and an essential medication test supposedly returned positive for pot.

It’s accounted for that Young Cream told police during addressing, “I smoked weed since I was interested about it.”

Channel A states that they couldn’t get in contact with Young Cream or his organization. The outlet reports that the police intend to get back to Young Cream in to address him on the subtleties of how the maryjane was circulated.

Youthful Cream appeared in 2011 with the hip bounce bunch M.I.B, which disbanded in January 2017. He proceeded to make a big appearance as a soloist that year.


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