Rapper Allex Black accuses BTS of deleting his song


The Ukrainian rapper says that BTS removed one of his tracks after he allegedly plagiarized Suga’s track ‘Daechwita’.

BTS’s Suga’s track “Daechwita” was allegedly plagiarized by Ukrainian rapper Alllex Black.

ARMY alleges that rapper Alllex Black’s song “10K” was plagiarized from “Daechwita,” which idol Suga released under his pseudonym Agust D last May. Big Hit Entertainment is also said to have given the rapper a warning after fans alerted the company.

On August 26, Alllex Black claimed that his song “10K” was removed by BTS’s label without any warning or discussion, and further stated that he purchased the rights to the song and wrote his own lyrics. The track was included as a “cover” on YouTube and later the rapper posted a video on YouTube with the title “Big Hit Labels – BTS Deleted my track 10 K”, where he accuses BTS of deleting his song.

What happened to Suga’s song?

A Ukrainian artist may have plagiarized the song “Daechwita” that BTS’s Suga released under his stage name Agust D.

Suga’s album, ‘D-2’ was released on May 22 of this year, the promotional song was ‘Daechwita’, a powerful track that mixes various musical instruments with an innovative proposal, the official MV already has more than 128 million views on YouTube.

But recently, social media users noticed the resemblance between “Daechwita” and “10k”, a song that sounds similar to the one created by Min Yoongi.

A Ukrainian rapper named Alllex Black uploaded to his YouTube channel ’10k’, a song that was released on August 20 and the sounds of the track attracted a lot of attention from Internet users, since it has several elements of ‘Daechwita’, such as the sounds of traditional South Korean musical instruments and the mix that characterizes Agust D’s work, which is why it is believed that he plagiarized the BTS idol song.

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