Rapper 6ix9ine clashes violently in a video with Lil Tjay


During a live Instagram, rapper Lil Tjay has just violently attacked rapper 6ix9ine and all those who “listen to his music”

Maybe rapper 6ix9ine would have done better to stay in prison when you see the countless number of enemies he has . Latest? Lil Tjay who just violently clashed him in a live Instagram.

Before answering the latter, the one who has just left prison will first have to take care of Snoop Dogg . Indeed, he filed this one a few days ago, accusing him of having cheated on his wife.

6ix9ine, letting them know about it : “While I was in prison, people have tried to destroy my career and it did not work. Now the same tell me to leave them alone. It’s the world we live in. Snoop will apologize to your wife . ”

But when we know the temperament of the wacky rapper, we can indeed think that he will focus on his new target. The one who has just tackled him with everyone who listens to his music. Indeed, Lil Tjay did not go with a dead hand about his rival. Letting it be known: “If you like 6ix9ine’s music , please drop me a line!” ” Great poet.

The rapper does not stop there. In fact, he went on to explain, “I’m tired of pretending. I have been doing it for two years being a model n * gga. Now f * ck I let go . ”

When the new rival of 6ix9ine says that he is “loose” he really does. Part of his deep thought: “He thinks he did the right thing by swinging names. I don’t know what he was talking about but that he stays in his place . ”

Lil Tjay, then continuing, “You can’t do all of this and try to justify the fact that you are a balance . ” Atmosphere…

In short, the new rival of 6ix9ine seems to be big on the potato about it. He does not validate the latter’s behavior and did not hesitate to make it known. Something tells us that the war between the two has only just begun …


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