Ransomware: Brazilians pay ransom, but only 33% receive data


Ransomware: Kaspersky, an international cybersecurity and digital privacy company, released on Wednesday (7) the results of a new global survey conducted with more than 15,000 consumers around the world. In the topic related to Brazil, a fact called attention: although the majority of Brazilians (56%) who were victims of ransomware in 2020 paid ransoms, only a third received their data back.

One of the online scams most used by cybercriminals to extort money from victims, ransomware uses a legal technology, encryption (the same that protects WhatsApp conversations) together with a malicious program to block files on the victim’s own computer, preventing their use. To release the data, they require a “ransom”.

A curious detail presented by the research is that younger users are more likely to pay ransoms. More than half of those who paid ransom for their data (52%) are between 15 and 24 years old. Among users between 45 and 54 years old, this rate was 46%, but only 11% among those over 55 years old.

How to act in case of ransomware?

One way or another, only 16% of victims managed to recover all of their criminally encrypted files, even paying the ransom. A total of 80% of the victims suffered losses at some level: 44% of Brazilians did not recover a significant amount of the data; 20%, only a small amount; and 16%, practically nothing.

In a press release, Kaspersky’s consumer director for Latin America, Fabiano Tricarico, clarifies that the company always recommends that “the victim of a ransomware attack does not pay the ransom, as the payment does not guarantee the return of data” .

The opposite happens, according to the expert: when receiving a payment for the files, the criminal will know that those are valuable data, and they will start to attack that victim again and again. Therefore, Tricarico suggests that, instead of paying ransoms, people invest in protecting the device and backing up data.


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