Ranma 1/2: The Forgotten senen-anime from the creator Inuyashi


In the same year that Dragon Ball Z was released, another classic anime based on the manga by the same author as Inuyasha premiered, albeit with much less fanfare. “Ranma 1/2” is 161 episodes, 12 OVAs and three films about the comedic and romantic exploits of the two main characters with a fantastic plot twist. However, in the original anime, the plot ends due to the bankruptcy of the animation company that created the series. At the same time, the anime is worth watching, even if you have to finish it by starting with the manga where the anime stopped.

Ranma 1/2 tells the story of Ranma Saotome, a little boy and a martial arts prodigy. Despite his martial arts prowess, he cannot break out of the fantastic curse; he turns into a girl whenever he comes into contact with cold water, and becomes a boy again when exposed to warm water. He is engaged to a girl who is also talented in martial arts, but hates men. Living with his fiancee, he tries to make peace with her, trying to get rid of his curse. This anime has been largely forgotten by the modern anime community, however, below are the reasons why it shouldn’t be, even if the anime hasn’t fully adapted the manga.

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The dynamic between the main character and the love interest

One of the most interesting parts of the show is the dynamics of the relationship between Ranma and his fiancee Akane. The couple is often chaotic, quarrels and generally annoyed with each other. They are not the typical shojo loving couple that can be seen in most romantic comedies. At first, they are incredibly hostile to each other, but as the series progresses, watching them fall in love becomes more enjoyable.

Instead of falling in love instantly, we are witnessing a slow gorenje relationship as they slowly learn to overcome distances and grow as people. And by overcoming their difficulties, basically, it means overcoming their constant meaningless, but cheerful bickering. At the same time, a big part of what makes their relationship so enjoyable is watching them get better thanks to each other. Their relationship resembles that of Inuyashi and Kagome in Inuyasha, but rivalry and irritation multiply tenfold, and those who liked these aspects of Kagome and Inuyashi will find the same charm in Ranma 1/2, only with a much greater emphasis on this. dynamic.

Heady episodic anime

Today, many anime are focused on a complex plot. In each episode, something important happens that requires your full attention. In each episode, someone dies, someone comes back to life, and there is a plot twist. A new villain is revealed in the same episode, when the main character discovers the real plot and explores another side plot, which in a few episodes will become the main plot. It can be exhausting to keep up with the times. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with shows like this; many of the best anime follow this structure. However, over a hundred episodes are mostly episodic or have very little to do with the plot, which makes this anime ideal for casual viewing or a relaxed pastime.

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This does not mean, of course, that Ranma 1/2 has no plot. However, it takes a softer approach and focuses more on the daily lives of our quirky protagonists. This makes it easier to watch while talking to friends, cleaning the house, or even just on a rainy day. However, these episodes don’t seem as boring as many filler episodes you can find in senen anime, as it’s a romantic comedy and this everyday lifestyle supports these two elements throughout the series.

Character growth in the series

Many anime characters tend to stay the same, with minor changes. They have the same character, the same flaws and the same drives, without any differences from the first season to the fifth. Because of this, the characters can seem outdated and repetitive throughout such a long series, especially in an anime that focuses so much on the daily lives of its characters. However, Ranma 1/2 does allow characters to grow.

When the series is just beginning, Akane is a temperamental, man-hating young girl who can’t control her violent tendencies. Having met Ranma and just knowing more about life, she turns into a more intelligent and open-minded girl and gets control over her militant outbursts. The same can be said for Ranma, who starts the series with only one defining trait; his martial arts abilities. We later learn that this is because he sees no value in himself other than his abilities, and throughout the series begins to slowly love himself and become self-confident for less superficial and temporary reasons.


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