Ranking reveals the fastest mobile internet in Brazil


Claro is the operator that provides the fastest mobile internet in Brazil, according to a survey published by the measurement company Opensignal. Operator customers have an average speed of 23.4 Mb / s (Megabits per second) to download files. It is 129% faster than Oi, the last place. Claro also won the gold medal when it comes to uploading files. The second place went to Vivo.

The report with data collected between March and May was published in July. He assessed the experience in video, games and voice application, download and upload speed and 4G availability and latency. Claro gained experiences in video games and voice applications, while TIM led the list of availability and latency in 4G. Oi and Vivo do not appear first in any of the evaluated categories.

Despite offering the fastest mobile internet, Claro’s fixed broadband complaints had the biggest jump in the first half of the year. An Anatel report points out that complaints skyrocketed by 90% compared to the second half of 2019. On average, fixed internet complaints rose by 40%.

The survey by Opensignal points out that TIM customers have the best 4G coverage. The study states that users find connection to fourth generation networks 88.2% of the time. In general, Brazilian operators have been improving the availability of 4G. TIM, Vivo and Claro increased by 2 to 2.5 percentage points and Claro grew 1.3 points compared to the last report.

The survey also concluded that the experience of online games on cell phones in Brazil is not the best. Apart from Claro, which offers an experience considered “fair”, all Brazilian operators fall into the “bad” category. On a scale of 0 to 100, leader Claro scored 70 points, while the last placed Oi scored 42.2.

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The study shows that there has been an improvement for Brazilian users in the experience of videos over the mobile internet. Compared to the last survey, TIM and Claro went from “good” to “very good” experience. However, Oi and Vivo maintained the “good” rating.

The report also points to the importance of starting 5G operation in Brazil. Claro was the first operator to adopt spectrum sharing technology to provide a fifth generation experience in 4G networks, a service called 5G DSS. For now, service is restricted to selected neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

The expectation is that the auctions of the true 5G network will be carried out by Anatel only in 2021.


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