Randy Pitchford Leaves As President Of Gearbox


Randy Pitchford: Behold, Gearbox will undergo changes in its structure, as Randy Pitchford, one of the creators of the studio, will leave his position as president. In its place, there will be the assignment of Steve Jones, who previously served as technology executive at the production company.

Even leaving the post of president, Pitchford will still have a lot of work, as he will continue as executive director of The Gearbox Entertainment Company and as president of Gearbox Studios, which works with movies and TV series.

All the news were announced by the executive himself in a message on Twitter, where he also explains that he will be responsible for “business strategies and creative matters”, in addition to helping in the creative sector whenever necessary.

It’s worth remembering that Gearbox is currently working on Tiny Tina’s Worderlands, a spin-off from the Borderlands franchise.


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