Randall discovers his mother’s story and this he learned


In This Is Us Season 5, Episode 6, “Biological Mother”, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) finally learns his full birth story and everything about his biological mother Laurel aside from discovering various things.

Previously on This Is Us, Randall believed that Laurel died of a heroin overdose right after her birth. In reality, however, Laurel survived and was sent to prison on drug possession charges, severing her connection to William and Randall.

However, even though Laurel died before reconnecting with Randall, in This Is Us’s “Birth Mother,” she still manages to teach him how to let go of her pain and anxiety.

Finding out about Laurel’s life seems to have given her a catharsis that she couldn’t get anywhere else. Upon hearing the story of her life, Randall learns that Laurel had hers of her own that she had to fight, just like he did in This Is Us.

Randall from This Is Us discovers that his preferred method of easing his pain was to go swimming in a nearby lake and scream as loud as he could to the sky. Laurel began this practice after the tragic death of her beloved older brother, Jackson.

Her aunt May hers helped her manage her pain by encouraging her to scream at the lake. In fact, Laurel and Hai met for this. Laurel from This Is Us was on the lake screaming one day when Hai heard her from her fishing boat.

The catharsis of screaming in the lake coupled with knowing the full truth about her imperfect but loving biological parents allows Randall to let go of much of the pain and trauma that he has carried with him his entire life in This Is Us.

Additionally, Randall learns the lesson of letting go of his biological mother and uses it at the end of the This Is Us episode when he calls Kevin with the intention of finally clearing the air between them so they can both move on.