Ram spb Matthew Stafford and wife’s daughter Kelly Stafford cry because Dad is at NFL training camp: video


Quarterback Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams participates in an exercise at the training base of the NFL football team on July 29, 2022 in Irvine, California. Ashley Landis/AP/Shutterstock

Fabrics, please! One of Matthew Stafford’s daughters was crying on Mom Kelly Stafford’s shoulder because the Rams quarterback had left for training camp.

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“Missing Dad,” the 33—year-old former cheerleader signed the video in her Instagram story on Sunday, July 31.

Their daughter was sobbing, and Kelly, who was wearing a Los Angeles Rams baseball cap, tried to calm her down. “Calm down, baby, shhh,” the “Morning After” podcast host said, hugging the little girl.

One of her subscribers responded to the clip: “Military moms and dads will understand that last story. Thank you.”

Kelly was touched and immediately noticed that 34-year-old Matthew, who went to football practice an hour away, is nothing compared to duty.

“Another reason to always remember the incredible gratitude to the men and women serving… and their families,” the NFL wife wrote along with a screenshot of the comment. “It is impossible to imagine how many sacrifices each family member makes so that the rest of us can be safe. Matthew leaves for a short time, it seems to him randomly for a few minutes… nothing compared to what military children experience.”

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In conclusion , she said: “So thank you to everyone who serves/served. You are what makes this county great because you make our freedom possible.”

The Staffords have four daughters: twins Chandler and Sawyer, 5, Hunter, 4, and Tyler, 2.

“1 on 4 right now. We miss you @matthewstafford,” she wrote in her Instagram podcast on Thursday, July 28.

However, one of her daughters’ breakdowns could happen after she had to say goodbye to her father again. On her personal page, Kelly shared a series of photos showing the family visiting Matthew at a training camp in Irvine, California, along with Matthew’s sister Paige Stafford Clark. They attended an open training session on Saturday, July 30.

Kelly Stafford and Matthew Stafford Courtesy of Kelly Stafford/Instagram

“Family ❤️. So grateful to @pagesclark for spending the weekend with all of you,” the survivor of a brain tumor signed a carousel of photos on Monday, August 1. — It sucks to live away from family, but it contributes to an incredible reunion… . I love you guys very much, and I miss you already!”

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Matthew was happy to see his loved ones on the field, although he still had to focus on preparing for the game for the season. “It was nice to see them! I like to see them in cheerleader costumes,” the NFL player said at a press conference after practice.

However, he had to explain to them that Dad was still at work. “They were full of spirit, but I just hugged them and told them I had a little extra work to do. They understood at that moment. It’s always nice to look at them,” he said.


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