Ralph Macchio of Cobra Kai Teases the Cinematic Universe of Karate Kid


As the premiere of the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” approaches, fans of the show may be glad to hear that the sixth season is far from the only thing the showrunners have planned, since the idea of the so—called MiyagiVerse was supported by the star of “Karate Kid” Ralph. Macchio himself.

In an interview with ComicBook, both adult protagonists of “Cobra Kai”, Macchio and William Zabka, discussed the potential of the show, finally giving the name to the “cinematic universe of karate kid”, which was formed since the release of the series, and named some storylines that could be embodied in it. For example, Macchio muses, “Is there a story of Miyagi’s origin? Is there a prequel “Cobra Kai” to “Karate Kid”? Are there any spin-offs with young characters of these characters?”

Macchio claims that showrunners will take the opportunity to explore these concepts if they get the chance. For their part, Cobra Kai creators Josh Heald and Justin Hurwitz have repeatedly stated that they have big plans for the franchise, as the current series will last for several seasons after the upcoming fifth installment, in addition to keeping some additional ideas. Macchio confirms these statements by saying that there were written materials in season 3 that were not used until season 4. green light,” he said, meaning that there are still a lot of karate classes in the valley.

On the topic of reviving old stuff from the 80s, the two actors were also asked about some of their favorite sequels of the classics, and they both really wanted to call Top Gun: Maverick the perfect sequel, because “they did everything right, I think the sequel to The Best Shooter was very, very successful at 100%. Zabka agreed, saying, “Honestly, I just wanted to thank Tom for this movie.” It remains to be seen if these ideas for additional Karate Kid spin-offs will ever see the light, although the show’s creators have been given the green light to watch unrelated projects such as Duke Nukem and Ferris Bueller’s spin-off Day Off.

So far, Cobra Kai has proved to be a successful Netflix acquisition, and the series has topped the streaming charts every time a new season is released. Oddly enough, Cobra Kai moved from YouTube Red to Netflix because Heald and Hurwitz did not receive guarantees that the company would buy the fourth season of the teenage karate drama, but the two were clearly on the right track.

In the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” there are many questions that fans have to answer, for example, about the fate of John Creese, what Chozen can teach Daniel and whether fans of “Karate Kid” will ever get a cameo role of Hilary Swank in the series.

The fifth season of the series “Cobra Kai” will be released on Netflix on September 9, 2022.


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