Ralph, Daniel and Johnny talk about partnership


The third season of Cobra Kai is coming to Netflix in early 2021, and fans are eager for new information about the series’ plot. Ralph Macchio, the actor who plays Daniel LaRusso in the series – and in the film franchise Karate Kid -, commented on an important arc present in the new episodes, in which his character will have to work in partnership with his hitherto enemy, Johnny Lawrence.

The end of the 2nd season of Cobra Kai brought John Kreese back into control of the dojo that was led by Lawrence, as well as the serious consequences of the fight between the teenagers, which culminated in Miguel ending up in the hospital and Robby being arrested. With that, Larusso and Lawrence will have to work together to solve the problems that have resulted from these events.

Macchio compared Johnny and Daniel’s relationship with that of friends Ross and Rachel from the Friends series. “This is where our Ross and Rachel that I mentioned earlier reside. We love to see Johnny and Daniel having a few beers and being nice. We also love to see them fight with each other, ”said the actor, who completed by implying that we will have more of this unlikely friendship next season. “We certainly heard the fans loud and clear, and the show was planned to take us through this [reconciliation].”

We have already seen a little of the partnership between the leaders of the rival dojos in the trailer released by Netflix. There, Johnny and Daniel even fight together against other enemies.

The third season of Cobra Kai comes to Netflix on January 8th. The first two seasons are already available on the platform.


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