Rally Awaits In Bitcoin, Ethereum And This Altcoin!


The popular analyst, who shared his expectations in the crypto money markets with half a million subscribers, gave the signal of recovery in 3 cryptocurrencies. Saying that Bitcoin and Ethereum can recover in the short term, the analyst also shared a surprise altcoin with his followers. So which is this altcoin and which regions are the critical price targets?

Bitcoin (BTC)

The analyst, using the alias Kaleo, tells his 509,000 Twitter followers that Bitcoin is currently heavily affected by the selling pressure in the stock markets. Kaleo said he expects Bitcoin to continue its sideways movement before climbing out of its range to around $38,000, a roughly 20% rally from current prices.

Bitcoin has exceeded $ 30,500 several times today, and at the time of writing, it is finding buyers at $ 30,140. Michael Poppe, on the other hand, expects a move up to $ 31,100 in the scenario where Bitcoin holds above $ 30,300.

Ethereum and BNB

Kaleo also says that Ethereum will start a bullish move in the coming weeks. Pointing to a 26% rally for Ethereum, the analyst believes that levels of $ 2,600 can be seen in a short time. ETH is currently trading at $2,057. The senior crypto analyst also shared some predictions for BNB, which powers crypto exchange Binance.

Kaleo said that the Binance Coin/Bitcoin pair (BNB/BTC) will see its all-time high in the coming months.

“It looks like BNB/BTC is looking to hit an all-time high by the end of this summer. Quite an impressive force in falling markets”.

BNB finds buyers at $318 at the time of writing. US stock markets opened positive at 16:30 and DXY started the day with a decrease. The US dollar index, which is based on 105, slackened to 102 at the time of writing. The dollar is losing value against 6 popular currencies. The rise experienced today has a direct connection with DXY. With the dollar index falling below 100, we can see Bitcoin and popular cryptocurrencies launching double-digit rallies to lessen the fear.