Rakuten: loyalty points exchangeable for Bitcoin!


The Rakuten site has just made a big announcement. Its customers will soon be able to exchange their loyalty points for Bitcoin

You probably know PriceMinister. If not, it’s because you’re still lucky enough to be young. However, you are familiar with Rakuten, the site where you can buy and resell new or used products with individuals. In reality, it is the same platform, renamed a few years ago. And since all this time, the Japanese group has achieved incredible turnover. This is why the firm decided to embark on cryptocurrency, which has been in vogue for a long time. By offering to exchange customer loyalty points for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is probably not unknown to you either. Not even worth the price of a bread or chocolate (or a chocolatine for our brothers and sisters in the southwest) many years ago. Today, the holders of this currency are wealthy people. Because, as we speak, a single Bitcoin is worth 6,439 euros! Rakuten therefore decided to offer its customers the chance to buy some.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By exchanging their loyalty points from the Rakuten site, for Bitcoin. But this exchange must face certain limits as noted by the Journal du Coin: “Note that the maximum of exchangeable loyalty points will be limited to 50,000 points for“ Diamond ”members. Or about 411 euros. And 30,000 points for the other members, or around 247 euros. ”

Even if there is a limit, the market remains very interesting. Hey, the Rakuten platform decided to make the announcement, like Santa Claus, on December 24. The Japanese group, therefore making known:

“With the launch of this new service, Rakuten Wallet hopes to reduce the barriers to entry for the crypto asset exchange. By providing an easy and more accessible way for new users. Including novice users who are interested in trading crypto without previous experience. ”

But Bitcoin is not the only “crypto” that can be exchanged for points. The media also reports that “Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)” are also included. If you are a Rakuten customer, then you know what you have to do if you have points of not knowing what to do with them.


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