Raised In Oblivion: Brazilian Game Trailer Released


Raised In Oblivion: Recently, an all-new trailer for the game Rio: Raised In Oblivion, developed by First Phoenix Studio, was released. With the first images, it is possible to learn more about the narrative, in addition to viewing new scenarios and production references.

In a few minutes, the plot is established with an impressive narration, which tells how the situation is in Brazil after a deadly virus has spread exponentially. It all starts in Rio de Janeiro, in the Praça Seca region, a neighborhood located in the west region of the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the full trailer:

Learn more about Rio: Raised In Oblivion

Due to the lethality of the virus, the government decides to act unexpectedly, building walls at strategic points so that the spread is contained as quickly as possible. Even because of this makeshift fortress, whoever is on the inside will not be able to leave until a cure is discovered.

In the containment area, many dangers await all players who want to venture out, mainly because the virus can be, in some cases, the least of the problems.

Consisting of a survival game, Rio: Raised In Oblivion pits its participants face to face with drug dealers and those infected with the virus, while a frantic search for food, weapons and water takes place at all times.

Within the gameplay aspects, it has been informed so far that players will be able to choose which side they will be on during the narrative.

Among the available groups are two factions: the Assassins and the Order. While the first is made up of criminals who just want to kill innocents, the second is a government leader who wants to keep the peace during the quarantine.


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