Raised By Wolves: The Reason You Can’t Look Necromancers In The Eyes


The popular HBO Max television program, Raised By Wolves, surprised all viewers on the day of its launch in 2020, due to the incredible story that it presents us in a post-apocalyptic world, where two androids named father (Abubakar Salim) and mother (Amanda Collin) are tasked with raising human children on the new planet Kepler-22b. However, one of Mother’s great abilities is to become a necromancer, where everyone who looks at her ends up dead. Something that keeps many in doubt.

According to information that Raised By Wolves has been revealing, Necromancers store powers in their eyes, which is why people can’t look at them directly. These eyes emit super sonic vibrations that make any human end up exploding. However, direct eye contact to the necromancers’ eyes enhances the effect.

Also, necromancers were originally designed by the Mithraics, who built the androids using biblical imagery, somewhat similar to contemporary angel imagery. But, in the series there is a much deeper story behind them.

Since the very first episodes of the show, they have been showing how powerful the Necromancers really are, so defeating one of them is no easy task. Miraculously, Mother only activates her powers when one of her children is in serious danger and she must kill all those who want to harm her.

Interestingly, the mithraics who built the necromancers gave them the design resembling angels from the bible. Because angels are said to be too pure beings to look at directly, and people’s eyes burst into flames if they try to make eye contact with them. Which is why the Mystraics used this ability to indoctrinate all the people who were against their only god, Sol.

For that reason the humans in Raised By Wolves cannot look directly at a necromancer, although this also ended up leading to the destruction of Earth and the elimination of almost all of its inhabitants, when he waged war against the atheists in the midst of the collapse of the Earth. whole world.

Now, viewers are waiting to see how the next seasons of Raised By Wolvs will unfold, to find out how the story will end with the mother’s sons trying to colonize Kepler-22b free of religions that change people’s minds.