Raised by Wolves: Different types of androids in the series


When it comes to a Ridley Scott project, you have to stop and pay attention, whether you liked the latest productions of the veteran British director who already gave us Alien and Blade Runner.

The new HBO Max series, Raised by Wolves, which debuted last Thursday (3) not only had two of its three initial episodes directed by Scott, but also made explicit his passion, already demonstrated in several films, for androids.

In the initial episode, which has the same name as the series, all the action is focused on the two main androids: the Mother (Amanda Collin) and the Father (Abubakar Salim) raising human children on the planet Keppler-22B to repopulate humanity. However, in the following two episodes, other models appear.

Each of these humanoids has a different purpose according to their original programming. Some are designed to return to a planet Earth completely destroyed by war, while others focus on creating a new human civilization in a new world, without the vices and hatreds that caused the annihilation of our planet.

Check out the main models and, if we know Ridley Scott well, others will come.

Service models

Service models are basic androids, which operate from simple logic and algorithms. They only fulfill the purpose for which they were programmed, but they can act like warriors, as when a male service model tries to ambush Mother to kidnap Campion (Winta McGrath).

Father is a service model, but he had to be reprogrammed to commit a sin (according to the Mithraic religion): taking human embryos to the new planet. Father is programmed only to protect children and the home, which sometimes leads him to conflict with Mother.

Medical Robots

These androids resemble Blade Runner and look totally human. This can be seen in the wartime flashbacks, where Caleb (Jack Hawkins) uses a medical robot in the fight for atheists against the Mithraics in 2145.

This android performs reconstructive surgery on him and Mary (Sienna Guillory), turning them into Marcus (Travis Fimmel) and Sue (Niamh Algar). Medical robots seem more compassionate and humanized, as they are programmed to function as health professionals and provide relief to humans.

The Necromancers

Mother is a Necromancer, and this may seem paradoxical, as she tries to raise children and not comply with her main programming, which is to change her appearance and kill, as so often these androids were used by atheists in attacks against Mithraics.

Naturally, this Mother underwent some changes in her guidelines, to take on the profile of an android caregiver. But, when necessary, it resumes its original characteristic and becomes a deadly machine. This type of android was designed to eradicate humanity.


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