Rainbow Six: Siege will feature items from the Rick and Morty cartoon universe


Rainbow Six: Siege, a popular online shooting game, will feature items from the Rick and Morty animation starting this Thursday (15th). The crossover is a partnership between Ubisoft and Adult Swim, which will add two cosmetic bundles that include uniform skins and weapons inspired by the series’ characters.

The new content, Sledge Gromflomite and Smoke Pickle Rick, will cost 2160 R6 Credits each. Throughout Rainbow Six: Siege Year 6, Ubisoft will continue to introduce exclusive bundles for players.

Sledge Gromflomite includes all the items needed to survive time-space travel and defend galaxies. It comes with a Gromflomite uniform and helmet from Rick and Morty, a skin from the Galactic Federation, a skin for Sledge’s M590A1 weapon, and the Seal Team Rick charm.

Smoke Pickle Rick will allow Rainbow Six: Siege players to use the infamous equipment that helped Rick survive in the sewers of animation and avoid therapy sessions. Includes the Pickle Rick Rat costume with helmet, a Portal Gun skin, a gun skin and the Pickle Rick amulet.

Rainbow Six: Siege is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Check out the trailer for the new Rick and Morty content:


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