Rainbow Six: Siege to Receive DLSS on PCs with RTX Cards


Rainbow Six: Siege, Nvidia and Ubisoft announced today (1st) during Computex 2021 that Rainbow Six: Siege will soon get an update with DLSS technology, capable of improving game performance from 1.5 to 2x with artificial intelligence features.

For those unfamiliar with DLSS, it is a reconstruction of an image at higher resolutions from frames with lower resolutions. In practice, you can run a game in native 1080p, but have a 4K image quality identical to native 4K. With the technology, Rainbow Six: Siege will be able to run in 4K, Ultra and with performance close to the rate of 120 fps. Check out:

Now, gamers will be able to increase graphics quality or resolution without losing frame rate. In the image above, we see a comparison without the feature running at 74 frames per second, while the image opposite shows that having the function activated guarantees 121 fps.

The game received in the past the Nvidia Reflex technology, which reduces the latency in game commands, and now it will gain DLSS, increasing the competitive advantage on two fronts. In addition to this title, Nvidia revealed that Red Dead Redemption 2 will also get DLSS, while Doom Eternal will get DLSS and ray tracing.

Unfortunately, the DLSS update for Rainbow Six: Siege has not yet had a confirmed release date.


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