Rainbow Six Siege: Skin de Leon suggests collaboration with Capcom


Rainbow Six Siege: Launched in 2015, the Rainbow Six Siege game still receives enough interesting content to keep its players engaged, which includes character skins from other games, such as those in the Resident Evil franchise. In early 2021, the game received a skin from Jill Valentine’s classic outfit, but a new leak suggests Leon S. Kennedy will also make his appearance in the title.

In the same way that the Zofia character received the elite skin of the heroine of the zombie games, the Lion character appeared in leaked images with Leon’s costume in Resident Evil 4. Capcom, at least you can say that their names are somewhat similar.

The images were posted by a Twitter user known as Killahtree, but they ended up gaining even more traction on a subreddit dedicated to leaks and game rumors. Neither Ubisoft nor Capcom have commented on the matter, so the way will be to wait and see if the new skin is real.

If it’s true, it’s just interesting to think that they chose Leon over Chris Redfield, as he just had a very important role in the recent Resident Evil Village. Meanwhile, Leon hasn’t starred in a game since the Resident Evil 2 remake, but we also have to take into account that he’s one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.


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