Rainbow Six Siege Sets Instant Player Count Record on Steam


Rainbow Six Siege, the popular first-person shooter of Ubisoft, is having its brightest years. The game proved to be the most popular period, breaking the current number of instant active players.

Rainbow Six Siege has been around for over 4 years since its launch. However, Ubisoft’s first-person shooter is still popular among players and now set a new record with the number of simultaneous players.

Rainbow Six Siege broke a new record by simultaneously bringing together 180,463 players on the Steam platform. The previous record of the game was set at 178,824. Considering that some players do not use Steam and play the game on Uplay or consoles, these numbers are quite impressive for a 4-year game.

Rainbow Six Siege has been on the rise again despite its age and had an average of 94,185 players in January. According to the numbers, the number of Rainbow Six players is constantly increasing every year. The game reached a total of 55 million players last year. One of the most important factors behind Rainbow Six Siege’s new record is that the game is on sale right now.

Although it broke a record in the number of simultaneous players, Rainbow Six Siege is still far behind the top games. CS: GO 896.092, Dota 2 647.060, PUBG 3.236.000 and GTA 5 228.023 have the number of simultaneous players.

The future looks bright for Rainbow Six Siege. The new update, Void Edge, will be released next week, and Ubisoft plans to support the game in the coming years.

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