Rainbow Six: Siege Reveals Details of Containment Event


Rainbow Six: Siege: Who’s having fun with Rainbow Six: Siege will have a new event to enjoy starting this Tuesday (3): it’s Containment, an option that will be available to the public until the 24th of this month.

According to the information released, this event will be set in a version of the Consulate map and bring a new mode called Nest Destruction. In it, one of the teams must invade the creatures’ nest and win the round, while the others do their best to defend the place from the attackers.

Check out a little bit of how the event will be in the trailer released by Ubisoft:

It’s also been reported that Rainbow Six: Siege will be available for free between the 13th and 15th of this month (and during that time players will receive double bonus Battle Pass points), as well as adding lots of collectable items to get and extras for customization. intended for each operator in the game store.


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