Rainbow Six Siege: players will be able to control devices


Ubisoft detailed a number of new features in Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay, confirming what players can expect from Year 6 of the game with the arrival of the Crimson Heist operation.

According to the developers, players eliminated in matches will be able to control devices and cameras in a variety of ways during the support phase, allowing them to help the rest of the team still in battle. In addition, the attackers will be able to choose their operators during the preparation phase, in order to vary the tactics and strategies according to the progress of the game.

The new R6 season will add tools for tracking and rewarding the behavior of players in the game, in order to strictly punish players denounced for toxic attitudes and reward those who have exemplary behavior. The annual update will also include tools for streamers, promising to boost visual pollution by hiding the names of other participants on the screen, the region and the ping record.

Finally, it was confirmed that Year 6 will have a modification in the armor’s armor bar, with the guard indication being added to the normal HP bar, in addition to customization novelties and the addition of the GONNE-6 weapon, manufactured to eliminate equipment defense.

Rainbow Six: Siege is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.


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