Rainbow Six Siege: Leak Suggests New Season Operator


Rainbow Six: Siege: Ubisoft revealed on Monday (17) that the next season of Rainbow Six: Siege will be called the North Star, which should introduce map redesign, major gameplay changes and the new Operator Thunderbird.

Last weekend, a series of Rainbow Six leaks took over the internet and presented the first details about the game’s new season well ahead of schedule. The main rumor mentioned the arrival of Operator Thunderbird, a support capable of controlling the Kona Station gadget and with the ability to heal squadmates, which ended up having its logo – Operation North Star’s mark – disclosed.

Now, a new promotional image from Ubisoft has confirmed the veracity of the emblem by revealing a transport helicopter stamping the red star symbol. Thus, the rumors have gained even more strength and already anticipate that Thunderbird should be announced soon as the new playable character of the game. Her unofficial details indicate that she will be a Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčOperator 3 equipped with the primary weapons Spear .308 and SPAS-15, Q-929 and BEARING-9 as sidearms and impact grenade and C4 as gadgets.

Check below the spoiler of the season and the image of the Operator’s Kona Station.

Regarding the game system, information indicates that the Favela will be the new map to be added, making its presence felt only in casual mode and staying out of the ranked matches. Finally, the update should add an effect correction to the smoke grenade, with its potential reworked by “a new propagation system that prevents toxic gas from traveling through walls, floors and ceilings”.

Rainbow Six: Siege is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.


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