Rainbow Six: Siege ‘crashing’ when you enter the match? Learn to solve


Rainbow Six: Siege (R6) is a tactical shooting game from Ubisoft available for download on PC, PlayStation4 (PS4) and Xbox One. The game may have some crash problems or system crashes, called “crash”, upon entering on Windows computers. These bugs may be related to the outdated card, form of execution, operating system with pending updates, and even the game distribution service. Here are five tips to resolve when Rainbow Six is ​​”crashing”.

Execute as administrator
Rainbow Six may have incompatibilities when running the game with the standard user account on Windows. Therefore, opening the game as an administrator can make it use all the resources and, consequently, start the games correctly.

To run as an administrator, right click on the game and select “Run as administrator”. Another option is to formalize that you always want to open the game as an administrator by right-clicking and then clicking on “Properties”. In the “Compatibility” tab, choose the option “Run this program as administrate” and, soon after, “Ok”.

Update your graphics card
The crash of Rainbow Six: Siege when initializing games may be related to the outdated graphics card. This is one of the most recurring reasons for crashes in other games, such as Fortnite and Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO). To solve the problem, the most recommended is to access the official website of the graphics card manufacturer and download the latest update available. Some programs also update drivers automatically, such as Device Doctor and Driver Booster.

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C ++
Microsoft Visual C ++ may be directly related to startup issues with Rainbow Six: Siege. In such cases, it is best to reinstall the program. Since it is native Windows software, you will need to download the Visual C ++ file from the Microsoft website and install it again on your computer.

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Check for Windows updates
Outdated Windows can also impair Rainbow Six: Siege’s performance and subsequently cause crashes at startup. In addition, the outdated operating system can affect the performance of the PC.

To check for available updates, type “Check for installations” in the Windows search field and click the first option. Under “Windows Update”, click the “Check for updates” button. If you have updates ready for download, click “Download”.

Reinstall Uplay
Another solution for Rainbow Six: Siege “crashing is to reinstall Uplay. When the software is out of date or does not work correctly, the game is compromised and cannot start properly. To reinstall Uplay, go to” Programs and Features “in the” Dashboard ” Windows Control Panel. Right-click “Uplay” and then “Uninstall / Change.” Complete the uninstall and then reinstall Uplay.


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