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Rainbow Six: Siege (R6) is an FPS available for download on PC (Steam), Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One, still without crossplay. The title of Ubisoft has been a success among competitive and casual players since 2015. Based on the books of the American Tom Clancy, R6 has built a particular universe of references to the company’s games, historical facts and even references to Brazil. Here are six curious Easter eggs hidden in the game.

A carioca map

With the introduction of Operation Skull Rain in 2016, R6 gained a piece of Brazil. The game featured the operators Capitão and Caveira, in addition to the Favela map. This one, different from the previous ones, left aside the gray tones and bet on a more intense color on the walls, graffiti and the scenery of the map as a whole. On the hill, at the top, is the reference: Christ the Redeemer, one of the postcards of Rio de Janeiro.

Hitting the ball in Rainbow Six: Siege

Also on the Favela map, there is a concrete soccer field on the west side, with several soccer balls and two goals. If the player uses a drone or a weapon, he can push any of the balls into one of the goals. In this case, you will hear an announcer shout “goal!” through the speaker.

The encounter of the Tom Clancy universe

The new Shadow Legacy operation brought Sam Fisher as the new attack operator, protagonist of the Splinter Cell series, launched in 2002. Given the code name “Zero”, the R6 Fisher brings a great reference to its original franchise. The operator icon has the same design as the Multi-Vision Goggles, a gadget used by him in Splinter Cell games. The cameras fired by his unique gadget, the Argus Launcher pistol, also follow the same visual pattern.

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