Rainbow Six Quarantine / Parasite: leaking online


A Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay video was leaked on Reddit on Thursday. The short excerpts were published by the redditor “ThyroidMelanin”, who also released screenshots of the game that show a skin that will be in the game.

The recording is from the perspective of Vigil, one of the agents of the game. The records also show the characters Lion and Tachanka on a mission. In the images it is possible to see Vigil shooting at a kind of cocoon with alien goo.

Another point that can be analyzed is that the game’s interface is very similar to Rainbow Six Siege, which should guarantee that it will not be strange for several players. The health bar, for example, is in the bottom left corner and information about battle items is shown on the right side.

Rainbow Six Quarantine has suffered from a major problem with the name. Announced long before the coronavirus pandemic, the subtitle ended up going bad after the global health crisis. Ubisoft itself admitted that it is very likely to change the name before launch.

Recently, images suggesting that the game could be called “Parasite” have leaked onto the internet. Soon after, the developer came to the public to clarify that this is just a provisional title that was used internally.


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