Rainbow Six: Quarantine Is Now Called Rainbow Six: Extraction


Rainbow Six: Quarantine: Today (7), Ubisoft revealed that Rainbow Six: Quarantine has changed its name to Rainbow Six: Extraction. The game didn’t have details revealed at the time, but the producer said on video that we will have news and gameplay during Ubisoft Forward, which takes place on June 12th at 4 pm GMT. The name change was probably due to the covid-19 quarantine which is still in high demand around the world and the publisher doesn’t want to associate anything negative with the game’s title.

For the outsider, Rainbow Six: Extraction was announced during E3 2019 and hasn’t had any further details since. The idea is to expand Rainbow Six: Siege’s Halloween Outbreak event, which pitted operators against zombies, into a separate game. Check out the video:

According to Ubisoft, the game will have a dynamic of advancing through the scenarios or forcing players to extract it from the map (hence the name), but no news has been revealed so far. Therefore, we will have to wait for the producer’s event at E3 2021.

Rainbow Six: Extraction has no scheduled release date at this time, but initially it would come out for PS4, Xbox One and PC.