Rainbow Six: Parasite reveals gameplay details in leaks


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Parasite ended up having a little more of its gameplay leaked over the past few days, as some players went to Facebook Gaming and Twitch to claim the title and break the content embargo date in the process.

If you didn’t recognize the name of this game right away, this is the same project as Quarantine, a title that should be abandoned because it is somewhat unhappy in times of social isolation and pandemic of the coronavirus. Revealed at E3 2019, the game should have been released in early 2020, but ended up being postponed.

American IGN was able to watch some of its latest gameplay, well focused on the training mode of the PvE shooter. There, it was already possible to see the connection with Ubisoft Connect in order to import your save between the different platforms, in addition to ensuring access to cross-play.

Operators and objectives

Among the playable operators were Alibi, Lion, Vigil, Ela, Finka and Tachanka, all with very familiar skills for those who spent dozens of hours enjoying Siege’s shootings. There is a screen to customize your weapons with accessories, in addition to changing your loadout with more secondary tools.

The main enemies of the game will be the unprecedented Arch├Žans, creatures with an alien appearance that need to be fought on all maps. The idea is to play as stealth as possible, as enemy nests can summon endless forces if you are discovered.

The phases will be organized as incursions, with each of its sub-zones having a different objective, such as placing trackers in the nests. They also have extraction points where it is possible to protect the data obtained, and if an operator is unable to get there, the character can still be rescued by the others before dying for good.

Are you looking forward to Rainbow Six Quarantine / Parasite? What did you think of this new information leaked by the streamers? Comment below!


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