Rainbow Six: Extraction Highlights Cross-Play in New Trailer


Rainbow Six: Extraction received a new trailer today, July 13th, talking about all the advantages and extra features that the game will offer right at launch. The main highlight goes to the cross-play and cross-progression that will be available from the first day of the available game.

You will then be able to play with your friends on any platform. Besides, you can take your save and continue your progress on all systems where the game is available, which even includes streaming services.

The trailer also talks about special bonuses for longtime fans of the series, already playing Rainbow Six: Siege. Anyone who has the previous game and wants to give Extraction a chance will receive the United Front Bundle, which consists of sets of uniforms and special items for four different operators, two in each game. Ubisoft claims the content is worth $40, although these items are not for sale.

The guys coming from Siege will also have access to another important bonus. All 18 Extraction operators will be permanently unlocked in Rainbow Six: Siege for anyone playing both games.

Finally, as it should be, the trailer also talks about pre-sales. Anyone who buys Rainbow Six: Extraction before launch will receive the Orbital Decay Bundle, which also features extra skins and weapons on the first day of the game.


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