Rails in Minecraft: learn how to make Electric, Activator


Hiking in Minecraft is possible by following some tips. The game is focused on mining activity and this is reflected in its first form of transport: train tracks and mine carts. For a long time, this was the best way to get around the game, but with recent updates the carts have been a little sideways, although they are still very useful. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to make Rails and other variations such as Electric Rail, Activator Rail and Detector Rail in Minecraft. Remember that the title is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC.

Rails can be used to take the player and other entities over long distances, as long as there is an automatic rail system prepared in advance. Mine carts can pass through ordinary tracks, but they can speed and cannot climb uphill unless there is an Electrified Track to push them. In addition to these two basic rail types, there is also the Activating Rail that can activate some special feature of a cart and the Detector Rail that emits a Redstone signal.

Common rail

The most common type of trail is made with six iron bars, found as mineral in caves, and a stick, produced from wooden boards. The combination of these items creates a package of 16 common tracks through which a Mine Cart can walk alone at low speed on flat terrain. It is possible to accelerate them naturally by making a ramp down and getting off a cart.

Electric Rail

For the second type, let’s see how to make an Electric Rail, a Gold Rail that uses six Gold Bars, a handful of Redstone and a Stick. Gold and Redstone are also materials that can be found in caves, but can only be extracted by Iron Picks. The Electric Rail needs to be “turned on” by a Redstone Torch or other type of signal like a Lever to become an energized rail. When the player passes over the track, his Mine Cart is launched with great speed, but he can stop if the track is disabled.

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Activating Rail

This is a trail that can “activate” different characteristics in Mine Carts when they pass over it. In an ordinary cart, the Activating Rail causes the player, or another entity that is in the cart, to be expelled, as if they had left it. On a Hopper Cart, the Activator Rail turns the ability to move items on and off. Already in a cart with TNT he prepares it to explode. It is made with six Iron Bars, two Kindling and a Redstone Torch.


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