Raid Bitcoin miners using $ 600,000 illegal electricity


A similar incident took place in Malaysia, where Bitcoin mining has increased significantly and has recently been heard especially for electricity thefts. It was stated that two mining operators missed about 600 thousand dollars of electricity.

Malaysian security forces raided two Bitcoin mining units as of yesterday. According to the news in the country press; The two mining companies were illegally using electricity to avoid high electricity bills.

The Energy Commission, City Council and Internal Revenue Agency units participated in the joint and simultaneous operation in the South Johor region.

As is known, Bitcoin mining creates high electricity costs for operators running special machines that make millions of calculations to protect the Bitcoin network. Despite the block rewards, some operators are choosing to earn serious money with electricity theft, as costs have increased significantly recently.

Regional chief Nazlin Alim Sadikhi said that the region suffered losses of approximately $ 19,300 per month because of these thefts:

“We found that cables were pulled illegally and electricity was taken directly, not via a measuring machine. We have reached the information that the first facility has been operating in this way for 3 years and the second facility for 2 years.

It was stated that both facilities pay a maximum of approximately $ 14 per month, and this raised serious suspicion.

About 150 machines were confiscated

Sadikhi also said that 100 machines were confiscated at the first facility and 48 machines at the second, and the total number of machines made up a medium-sized Bitcoin mining business.

10 years in prison is on the agenda

Mining company officials, who are currently under arrest, will appear in court in the coming days. Those responsible are expected to face a fine of $ 240,000 in local currency or a 10-year prison sentence. The court board can also impose both fines and imprisonment at the same time.

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Due to electricity smuggling in the Johor region, where Bitcoin mining has increased recently, there have been 288 raids since 2018 and 90 raids in 2020.


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