Raid 2’s best trick was in the final martial arts fight


The Raid 2 did a clever trick with a climactic knife fight. In the sequel to the 2012 film “Raid: Redemption”, “Raid 2”, martial arts star Iko Uwais returned as Jakarta policeman Rama, sent on a mission to stop organized crime infiltrating the city police. Like its predecessor, “Raid 2”, released in 2014, is considered one of the best modern fighters and a key factor in attracting attention to the Indonesian martial art of Pencak Silat worldwide.

In the final duel of The Raid 2, Rama fights an unnamed killer (Chesep Arif Rahman) in a lengthy kitchen brawl that starts without weapons but turns into a knife war when Rahman pulls out a pair of Indonesian blades known as kerambit. In the audio commentary for Raid 2, director Gareth Evans commented on the side benefit of this, stating that despite the open kitchen space for martial arts films, “because of the nature of this weapon, because it is such a short blade, it forces fighters to be close to each other so that this weapon becomes effective.” weapons.” Watching the battle unfold, its paradoxical parameters really catch the eye.

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At the beginning of the fight, the Frame and the killer can fight at a relatively medium distance. As soon as Rahman’s killer pulls out two of his kerambits, the dynamics of the fight completely changes, and Rama has to keep his distance from his opponent. After Rama manages to disarm one of his enemy’s blades, the fight again turns into a close-range battle, in which both fighters try to deliver a fatal blow to the other.

Ironically, the first big part of “Raid 2” shows Rama in a really tense combat situation, similar to the films of Yip Man with Donnie Yen in the title role. Despite the transition to a much more open setting in the finale, the final fight in “Raid 2” causes, as Evans describes it, “a feeling of claustrophobia” and is surprisingly similar to what “Raid 2” began with. The impressive part of this shift is the trade-off taking place in the combat range.

Kermabit was previously featured in Evans and Uwais’ debut film Merantau, but only in a training episode with Uwais’ character Yuda. Evans also says in the commentary to the film that he always intended to include it in “Raid 2”. The rehearsal of the climactic fight “Raid 2”, which was rehearsed for six weeks, will be considered by many as perhaps the best knife fight in a martial arts movie. there ever was.

Martial arts movie legends like Iko Uwais and action movie makers are known for their creative approach to their sets and environments in their approach to combat choreography. Sometimes this leads to impressive battle scenes in narrow, confined spaces, as it was in the first part of The Raid 2. In other cases, martial arts fights may unfold in a more open environment. Raid 2 became particularly cunning in doing just that in its final battle, giving Rama and the assassin plenty of room to move, but forcing them to fight up close and personal due to the fact that the game had a kerambit.