Ragnarok: What to Expect From Season 3 of The Series?


Ragnarok: The 2nd season of the Norwegian series Ragnarok was released on May 27th this year, and after a thunderous finale, many fans must be looking forward to the continuation of Magne’s saga against Jutul.

Has Ragnarok Season 3 been confirmed yet?

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to make any official announcements about this, but it’s noteworthy that it’s still early days. Typically, the streaming platform usually waits a few weeks after releases to signal its renewals. And even with the series receiving rave reviews, the main factor for this kind of decision usually comes down to the number of viewers.

If renewed, when is it likely to debut?

Remember that the first chapters of Magne’s journey were released in January 2020, and the sequel was delayed by issues related to the coronavirus pandemic, arriving on the streaming platform almost a year and a half later.

So, should the third season of Ragnarok actually happen, production could start soon and with less restrictions due to covid-19, and new episodes will likely be available in mid-2022, bringing back our favorite gods and giants.

What can we expect from season 3 of Ragnarok?

In Season 1, we followed Magne discovering himself as Thor, understanding his new abilities and developing a somewhat naive and juvenile sense of justice that ended up putting him in a lot of trouble.

In the recently released chapters, we see the young man’s maturity in his new role, and how taking Vidar Jutul’s life, even if it was to protect his brother, shook him deeply enough to give up his powers for a while.

We were also introduced to new figures from the Norse pantheon, such as Odin, Tyr, Loki and the serpent Jormungand – who arrives in our world like the tapeworm in Laurits’ stomach – and is the gigantic enemy of the thunder god in mythology.

The end of Season 2 may indicate that the next one will bring the culmination of this epic battle, after all, Magne understood the importance of his duty, regained his skills and managed to forge Mjölnir with the help of his allies.

However, our young hero may not rely on his brother for help in this fight, as Laurits, or Loki, ends up making a deal with the Jutul in an attempt to save his own life, and seems very comfortable in the final minutes of the episode with his nature of the trickster and giant god, releasing his feared daughter into the waters of Edda so she can grow up and likely confront Thor in the future.

Looks like we’ll just have to wait and hope that Netflix will confirm season 3 of Ragnarok soon so we can find out what the future really holds for the gods and giants!


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