Ragnarok: Season 2 of The Thor Series Gets Full Trailer


Ragnarok: Netflix released on Tuesday (18) the full trailer for the second season of Ragnarok. The original Norwegian series takes place in the fictional city of Edda and follows the trajectory of inhabitants who keep secrets about who they really are, as well as a group of teenagers convinced that Ragnarok is close.

The preview of the series shows Magne trying to deal with all the problems around her to avoid the apocalypse and save the world.

See the trailer below:

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The synopsis of the new season was also released by Netflix: “Imagine that you are a 17-year-old student and have just discovered that you have to face an extremely powerful enemy that is dominating an entire city, perhaps even a country. What would you do? Magne is looking for answers and allies, but will he make it in time? ”

In the Norwegian series, icebergs melted in a few days and the winter became hot and dry. In the face of this, a group of teenagers panics, as radical climatic changes have started to devastate the planet. They have no doubts: this is a sign of Ragnarok – the apocalypse.

At the center of it all is Magne, a young man who discovers his special – albeit strange – powers. Would he be the only one able to avoid natural disasters and what enemies will he encounter along the way?

The series was produced and scripted by Adam Price. The cast features David Stakston, Theresa Frostad, Herman Tømmeraas, Emma Bones and Jonas Strand Gravli.

With 6 episodes, the 1st season premiered in 2020 and is available on Netflix. The second season of Ragnarok arrives in the catalog of the streaming platform on May 27.

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