Ragnarok: Netflix Launches Season 2 of The Nordic Mythology Series


Ragnarok: Netflix launched, at dawn this Thursday (27th), the 2nd complete season of Ragnarok. The 6 new episodes of the series based on Nordic mythology are now available to be watched on the streaming service.

“Brothers in arms”, “What happened to the old lady”, “Power to the people”, “God is God even though all men pass and go”, “Know yourself” and “Only love matters” are the episodes that make up the new season.

“On the brink of chaos, Magne seeks help in his fight against colossal enemies and faces his uncontrollable brother,” says the official synopsis of the new season. Check out the subtitled trailer for Ragnarok’s second year below:


Ragnarok debuted in January 2020 and gained praise mainly from the public. Of Norwegian origin, the production has a cast and technical team formed by professionals from the Nordic countries.

The narrative is set in the fictional town of Edda in Hordaland in western Norway. The region is affected by climate problems caused by an industry that belongs to the Jutul family, one of the richest in the region.

The family name refers to the Jötunn, who in Norse mythology are a race of ice giants that rival the gods Vanir and Aesir. In the series, they are challenged by Magne, the teenage protagonist who is the personification of Thor.

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