Rage: Streamer Faints From Rage After Dying in Rust


Rage: It’s very common to get very angry after we after we lose in a game. Even more so when we’re in the middle of a very important mission, at the end of a battle, when an enemy appears out of nowhere and shoots us with no chance of defense — or when I’m very close to passing a level and a jerk pushes me from over the obstacles in Fall Guys, in my case. I’m angry!

So how do we get out of this anger? I scream. There are people who throw punches. There are some videos on the internet of people who play the controller on TV and break everything. The young streamer Blazed has passed out. It landed like a rotten jackfruit on top of the PC itself and left its viewers pretty worried — that’s RAGE! The video of the scene went viral, of course. Watch the scene on Twitch.

Is everything okay, man?

Here’s what happened: Blazed was doing yet another one of his Rust broadcasts, when an enemy pops out of nowhere in the image and fires a clear shot at the streamer’s character. He gets up at once, not believing what has happened, and already seems to be losing his balance. Until he lands on top of the computer and then on the ground.

I confess that my favorite moment is the little foot up at the end of the fall.

The video we linked above doesn’t show what happened next, but it takes a few seconds for Blazed to recover and continue the live — as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, viewers fill the chat asking if Blazed is okay. After the streamer notices the concern of the others, he explains that he doesn’t know what happened and that’s fine: he just got really angry because he lost, anyway. Some fans speculated that the blackout might have happened because Blazed got up too quickly.

Anyway, the lesson is for us colleagues: try to control our anger for losing in games. And you: what was the most unusual thing that happened to you in a moment of rage? Speak there in the comments of this post!


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