Raft: how to make a backpack to increase the size of the inventory


How to increase the size of the inventory in Raft How to make a backpack in Raft Where to find materials for a backpack in Raft

When the inventory in Raft is full, players can throw away unnecessary items. This can be done either by pressing Q, or by dragging an item from the inventory using the cursor. However, instead of throwing away items, it’s better if players first think about finding a place to store their extra items.

But if the inventory is full while traveling outside the raft, people will have no choice but to figure out which item they need more than the other. This can be very frustrating, as sometimes it means that the rafters have to throw out useful items. To avoid being forced to do this, raft players can create a backpack instead.

How to increase the size of the inventory in Raft

To increase the size of the inventory in Raft, players must put a backpack on their character. Only one Backpack will take effect, so don’t do more than is required. This is especially important because, unlike some equipped items in Raft, backpacks do not deteriorate and do not break.

There are currently two types of backpacks available:

Backpack: Adds 10 additional inventory slots. Large Backpack: Adds 15 extra inventory slots.

How to make a backpack on a raft

To make a normal Backpack in Raft, people must first study it at the Research Table. To do this, they will need:

Leather Rope Wool

After exploring the item, the backpack is now displayed in the creation menu. To create one bag, rafters will be required:

Leather x4 Rope x4 Wool x6

Meanwhile, the Large Backpack will be unavailable until players find its blueprint in Utopia. This place is the last place in the third chapter, so it will take a very long time before people can access it. If the rafters haven’t started the story mode yet, they can do it by getting to the radio tower on a raft.

Of course, since this is an improved version of a regular backpack, people need to prepare more resources to make it:

Leather x10 Rope x4 Wool x10

Where to find materials for a backpack in Raft

To get leather, rope and wool, players need to do the following:

Skin: Extracted by killing: Warthog: Available in tropical biomes Mother Bear: Available on Balboa Island Bear: Available in evergreen biomes Mud: Available in desert biomes Hyena: Available in Utopia Rope: Made from palm leaves Wool: Trimmed from a tamed llama

Getting Wool is the most tedious process, unlike other items. Fortunately, llama wool is a sustainable resource, so unlike growing leather, players won’t have to repeat this process over and over again. To tame an animal in Raft, follow these steps:

Create a cage for the animal. It should consist of fences and several grassy areas. Take a grid pass and a grid. Find a llama on the big island.

Raft is available on PC.