Raft: How to get garbage cubes


How to get garbage cubes on a raft How to get and use a recycler

Saving objects is the most important action that players can perform in Raft. This is as important as eating and drinking, mainly because these two actions will be impossible if players stop collecting materials.

However, over time, people may have a large amount of unnecessary materials. This can range from basic items in Raft, such as plastic, to less common ones, such as feathers.

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Fortunately, unnecessary materials can simply be thrown out in the game. Dropped items will disappear after a while, so they will not be scattered on the raft. However, if possible, it is better if people hoard unnecessary items until they can create garbage cubes in Raft.

How to get Garbage cubes in Raft

To get garbage cubes on the raft, players must own a recycler and throw enough materials into it. After that, this special item can be used for trading at a Trading Post. Since materials will be required to make garbage cubes, players should not throw away any materials, even if they do not need them.

After receiving the garbage cubes, players can now carry them for exchange at the trading post. Given that the building only exists on an island with dangerous raft animals, it would be nice to be careful, as death may require players to revive. When this happens, they will lose two-thirds of their inventory (if the difficulty of the game is normal or higher).

How to get and use a Recycler

To get a Recycler in Raft, players must first visit Radio Tower. This place will start a storyline chain in the game, where people will gradually find out what is really happening in the game world.

After receiving the drawing, go back to the raft to make the car. To do this, players need to prepare:

Metal ingot x4 Bolt or loop x2 Printed circuit board x1

Next, the machine must be filled with materials. Just hold the object and press the action button on it. After placing enough items, one garbage cube will be made in about three minutes.

Please note that only certain materials can be used for this gadget, and more valuable items will speed up the processor’s counter. For example, a stone costs only six points, whereas a Metal ingot costs 75.

To make one garbage cube in Raft, you need to score 300 points. Here’s how each material is weighed:

Item Name Value Stone 6 Palm Leaf 10 Board 10 Plastic 10 Feather 10 Nail 25 Grape Slime 25 Clay 30 Sand 30 Scrap 30 Algae 30 Glass 37.5 Leather 50 Giant Clam 60 Metal ore 60 Copper 60 Mud 60 Bolt 75 Hinge 75 Copper ingot 75 Metal ingot 75 Dry brick 100 Titanium Ore 150 Wool 150

Raft is available on PC.