Raft: How to get Clay & Sand


How to get clay on a raft How to get sand on a raft What are clay and sand used for on a raft

Most of the materials in Raft have their own meaning. Even if it seems that they are useful for only one thing, this thing turns out to be useful for many other things. For example, sand is only used to make wet bricks and glass, but these two items are crucial for many other devices.

Because of this, when players go in search of garbage, it is recommended to take everything they can get. Thus, it will be difficult not to own the necessary items. Among the materials that may have been overlooked, two of them are sand and clay in the raft.

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How to get clay on a raft

Both clay and sand are almost identical. Like algae in Raft, both are available on the ground underwater. Players must dive near the islands to pick them up with a plastic hook or scrap metal hook.

At night they are very similar, but during the day Clay has a characteristic dark color.

How to get sand on a raft

Meanwhile, sand has a much lighter color than clay. Like Clay, Sand looks like a wide lump on the ground. These two items are often found together, so it may take some time before Raft players realize what is what, especially at night.

What are clay and sand used for on a raft

Players can combine two sand and two clay to make a wet brick. Unfortunately, Wet Brick is not used in any crafts, so the rafters have to take an extra step to process it. To do this, people need to equip a Wet brick, and then place it on a raft. Then wait about five minutes for the wet bricks to dry. After it has become a dry brick, the material is ready to move on to the next step.

Dry brick is used only for one device, a foundry. However, the foundry is extremely important for almost every advanced subject in Raft. For example, it is impossible to make Metal Ingots and Copper Ingots without a Foundry. But, of course, after the players have created enough smelters, dry bricks will no longer be a necessity.

In addition to dry bricks, clay and sand have other uses. Clay is used for:

Clay bowl: necessary to take food from the pot. This item is disposable. Healing Salve: Used to restore lost HP. Very convenient in dangerous areas. Beehive: The lair needed to grow bees on a raft.

Meanwhile, Sand has only one other use: to melt it into Glass. Fortunately, Glass has many uses, for example:

Drinking glass: A smoothie glass from a juicer. Advanced Purifier: An extended version for turning salt water into fresh water. It does not require fuel. Binoculars: a tool that won’t break. It is useful to see far away. Honey: A type of food in Raft made from honeycomb. Honey is crucial for the production of biofuels, so it will be very useful in the middle of the game.

Raft is available on PC.