Radio stations around the world in the form of the earth!


Although the quarantine process has closed people home, it has also enabled interesting ideas to emerge. Look at the bright side, as there are positive developments regarding the epidemic every day, Jude Pullen discovered an interesting way to reach radio stations around the world. Pullen is able to find radio stations in the world with the device he built in the shape of the earth. RadioGlobe, which can be called the radio station earth, reaches everyone thanks to its open source codes.

Radio station globe: RadioGlobe

We all know the earth modeling. Inspired by this globe model used in geography lessons in high school years, Pullen draws attention with the device he designed. Thanks to the mechanism it has set up in the device, it can reach the broadcasting radio station at any time in the world.

Bored during the quarantine process, Jude Pullen shared this interesting design on his personal YouTube channel, but of course, there is a designer spirit under this idea. Jude Pullen has worked for big companies like Dyson and LEGO. He created this device called RadioGlobe for the tenth year of the DesignSpark community, which he founded for those who want to bring their designs to more people.

Getting help from Raspberry Pi in addition to easily obtainable parts, Pullen created the radio station globe with nearly 2 thousand radio broadcasts.

The inventor, who preferred open source codes on the software side to make the radio station earth in everyone’s home, also shared all the documents of the work on his blog page. If you are also interested in such things, you can make this design in your home.

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