Radio silence with the former Cristina: Salvatore Vassallo is happy!


Salvatore Vassallo doesn’t seem to miss Christina Demetriou (30) in his life! The two exes went to Temptation Island together in 2019. However, after the show, their relationship fell apart. The separation was not particularly peaceful, and they publicly fought each other again and again. When they met on Ex on the Beach in 2020, the situation completely escalated. They are not communicating at the moment, and Salvatore is very happy about this, as he shows Promiflash!

In an interview with Promiflash, Salvatore says he is happy to get rid of Christina. “My life has changed for the better since then. Nothing toxic. This is oppression and control, insinuations, negative energy in private… It almost killed me,” he recalls. His ex always looks funny and happy on TV, but the truth is completely different. “I’m glad we just don’t have a relationship anymore,” the muscular man emphasizes.

But Salvatore is convinced that his ex-wife owes him a lot. “If I hadn’t ripped Kristina out of her life in a cheap tights store as a temporary, she would still be selling in the store,” he says, “today she is living a better life. But Casanova thinks she looks very aloof.


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