Radio signal solution for COVID-19 patients from MIT!


MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory researchers announced that they have produced a solution that can track movement over radio signals. The solution called RF-Diary is able to document a person’s movements and interactions with objects based on text. With a thermal map-like printout, it allows the user to monitor the activity on the screen instantly.

People who are worried about the health of the area can be followed with the radio signals. The developer team says that the system can be commercialized with two separate products for homes and hospitals. It may take a lot of time for it to become widespread and cheap for individual use and to be used by everyone. However, we can say that the solution is perfect for hospitals.

MIT developed a motion tracking system with radio signals

The MIT CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) team stated that they have been following Parkinson’s and dementia patients for a while with this method, thus eliminating privacy concerns for patients and their relatives and providing the patient’s peace of mind in the best way. He added that during the COVID-19 epidemic process, patients started to monitor patients with this solution in order to prevent them from spreading the virus.

The system accurately predicts activities such as cooking, watching television, and cleaning through the interaction of the person with objects over 90 percent. The same quality of tracking at night separates this method from the security camera.

When it comes to how the 90 percent prediction ability is provided, first the map of the person’s living space is defined and then the person to be followed is asked to perform daily actions in order to collect data. Here, how much this previously obtained data matches with the data during the follow-up show, what activity the person is in, and whether there is anything wrong.

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Apart from the advantages of the solution, it also reminds us that the method can pose a great threat to our privacy in the future, as the radio signals can be monitored through walls and from meters away.


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