Radiant Bella Hadid: her Dior beauty reveal! (PICTURES)


Bella Hadid just posted an incredible photo of her on Instagram! Indeed, Internet users have found it literally radiant!

Bella Hadid still stands out on Instagram! The American top model has just posted a superb photo! Indeed, on the picture, the young woman is radiant …

In her last photo, Bella Hadid proves that posing is an art … that she masters to perfection! Indeed, the sweetheart of The Weeknd did not choose the modeling profession for nothing! The reason ? On Instagram, Gigi’s little sister posts more sublime pictures than each other!

However, his latest publication stands out from the rest! In the photo, Bella Hadid wears make-up in a style reminiscent of the 50s. She also wears hair extensions (or a wig) which makes her long dream hair! We let you admire the photo in question below! To die for, isn’t it?

Obviously, Internet users have literally fallen in love with Bella Hadid! Indeed, the publication has accumulated more than 600,000 likes… A huge score! Fans of the top model also got involved in the comments! Thus, they were very numerous to compliment their favorite star. “You are too beautiful and radiant in this photo Bella!” This total Dior make-up looks great on you ”,“ your beauty is just crazy! So I validate the hairstyle and make-up, ”can we read on the social network! Messages that will please Kendall Jenner’s best friend.

For the past few months, everything seems to be going well for Bella Hadid! In addition to her growing modeling career, Bella Hadid has the perfect love for The Weeknd! After having separated and then put back together no less than three times in the past few years, it seems that this time is the right one! At least that’s all the woe we wish them!


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