Radar Images Showing Airplane Traffic Decreasing Due To Coronavirus


Many countries have banned flights to other countries due to the coronavirus outbreak. The decrease in the number of passengers due to the epidemic in domestic flights caused a great decrease in the number of flights. The radar images published by Flightradar reveal how the aircraft traffic has decreased due to the coronavirus.

The coronavirus outbreak has now spread to 195 countries. The virus epidemic, which caused a global crisis, also affects airlines. Many experts state that airlines have had a major crisis due to the virus outbreak.

Many countries have banned flights to countries with an outbreak of viruses, which suggests that a decrease in aircraft traffic can be predicted, considering the virus was seen in 195 countries. As the majority of international flights stop, the passenger numbers of domestic flights continue to decrease day by day due to the virus epidemic.

This is how aircraft traffic in Europe is caused by the coronavirus.
The decrease in the number of international flights, the weak passenger demand and travel restrictions in domestic flights cause the airlines to fail to fly many flights. With the virus epidemic, it is seen that airline traffic in Europe has reached very low levels.

When the radar images of Flightradar, which gives instant information about the airline traffic, are examined, the decreasing airline traffic in Europe is seen. The radar images in Flightradar show great differences between the radar images before the virus outbreak and the time of the virus outbreak.

This was the plane traffic before the epidemic.
Looking at the radar images not only in Europe, of the air traffic in Turkey, we can see that severely reduced. Apparently, airline companies will not be able to breathe easily until the crisis environment that the coronavirus epidemic is scanning is resolved.


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