Racism in football: Lukaku pushes his head!


Racism remains a problem in many stadiums in Europe. Romelu Lukaku, already a victim of racist cries, has once again faced with unacceptable acts. He believes that measures must be taken in this area.

This is not the first time that cries of racism have been heard in the stadiums. And Romelu Lukaku has already been the target of these cries in Italy. Player of Inter Milan, he plays in a championship where these cries are legions. Blaise Matuidi of France and Mario Balotelli of Italy were also victims of such cries. So what must be done to cope with these acts that are multiplying? And who can fight against this scourge?

In the Champions League Inter Milan faced Slavia Prague in the Czech Republic. And again, Lukaku has been screaming that this racism persists. He also silenced these cries by performing a match XXL and scoring a goal. But at the end of the match, he wanted to make things clear. He speaks directly to UEFA.

In a post-match conference, he wanted to speak. “UEFA must take action against this. Because the things happening in the stadium, it’s not correct. Today it happened to me twice and it is not correct. ”

He then asks UEFA to rise up against this crying racism. “We are in 2019 and there are many different nationalities playing in a team. These bad people are not a good example for children. UEFA must do something about it. ”

Measures must therefore be taken. But difficult to target a person in stadiums that can bring together tens of thousands of people.


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