Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windy on the Mean Girls channel for their first “Bachelorette Party” teaser


On the way to love. Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windy paid tribute to “Mean Girls” in the first teaser of the 19th season of “Bachelorette Party“.

“Come in, loser, we’re going shopping!” says the 26—year-old pilot, sitting behind the wheel of a Regina George convertible. In response, 31-year-old Gabby explains that they are looking for a “husband” in the upcoming trip.

The couple, who took second place in the season of “The Bachelor” by Clayton Echard, became the first joint bachelor in the history of the franchise. In 2015, Caitlin Bristow and Britt Nilsson were selected as potential female leads. The men then had to vote for the woman they wanted to pursue. The 36-year-old host of the podcast “Off the Vine” won and became the only host in the 11th season.

However, this time Gabby and Rachel will be by each other’s side as they embark on their bachelor journey. “Two best friends. One incredible journey,” the teaser reads. Both women — in identical dresses with rose petals — can also take turns in the passenger seat when they hit the road together. In addition, the producers also paid tribute to their two stars on the billboard by changing the name of the show to “Bachelorette Parties” this season, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Host Jesse Palmer announced during the After the Final Rose special in March that the duo had been cast for the role. “I’m so happy for her. I really am!” Rachel said at the time. “This is crazy. It’s crazy, and I’m glad to make this journey with you. We did it once together. We’ve had the craziest experience together.”

Gabby also shared her excitement: “I’m a girl through and through, so having a friend by my side is the best thing I could ask for.”

Although it is still unclear how the Bachelorette process will work with the two presenters, the intensive care nurse promised that she and Rachel will support each other, no matter what twists and turns come their way. “Everyone keeps asking,” Gabby said in a March interview with Good Morning America. “We’ve just been abandoned. But I have faith and a lot of trust, and I love Rachel to death, and I know that we will support each other all the way, so I really have no doubt that everything will end well.”

“It’s just crazy what Gabby and I went through [on the show],” Rachel added. “We always knew we had a bond forever, and to do it together, now [she] will never be able to get rid of me!”

43-year-old Palmer admired the couple after the news broke. “With every ending comes a new beginning,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “So happy for @gabby.windey and @pilot.rachel, our new bachelors!!! 🌹 🌹 Both are STRONG, SMART, AMAZING and equally WORTHY!!! Can’t wait to join them on their journey to find LOVE!!!”