Rachel McAdams: great cast for “Diary of a passion”


They viralize the video of the casting of Rachel McAdams for the role of Allie Hamilton in the famous movie “Diary of a Passion.”

Rachel McAdams is known as one of the most successful and sought-after actresses in all of Hollywood; However, her fame did not happen overnight, as this actress had to work hard for her talent to be recognized.

And there is no doubt that one of her most iconic roles in the film industry is that of Allie Hamilton in the film “Diary of a passion”, where she shared credits with Ryan Gosling.

Now this romantic 2004 film is on everyone’s lips again, after a video of Rachel McAdams casting to get this role began to circulate that led her to be recognized worldwide.

Check out Rachel McAdams casting for “Diary of a Passion”!
Rachel McAdams is mentioned as being the last of ten actresses to be cast to star in “Diary of a Passion”; but this was no impediment to being chosen by director Nick Cassavetes.

At 26 years of age, this Canadian actress managed to conquer the entire production by capturing the essence of her character in a memorable way; a fact that could be verified with the success obtained in this film.

Beauty and talent

Now this casting that managed to win over Cassavetes has become one of the most viewed videos in recent days; and where we can verify that Rachel McAdams in addition to her beauty has a great artistic talent.

It is worth mentioning that this actress was recently among the most prominent headlines of Somagnews to celebrate her 42nd birthday, which is why various content about her was viralized.


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