Rachel Lindsay advocates keeping Brian Abasolo’s marriage confidential after “Bachelorette Party”: “Our contractual public history is over”


Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasolo. Press Agency Image/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Protect your love story. Rachel Lindsay tells fans why she keeps her relationship with her husband Brian Abasolo off the grid (Instagram).

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“Everyone always asks, ‘Where’s Brian?’,” the 37—year-old former bachelor signed an Instagram post on Thursday, July 28, referring her followers to a blog post to find out more about where 42-year-old Abasolo was “hiding.”.

The lawyer wrote a lengthy update on her website “Honestly, Rach” titled “#RnB Public vs Private”, in which she outlined her decision to draw less attention to her marriage in the public eye. “The most common questions I get on social media are: where is Brian and when are you going to have kids?” she wrote. “Now I’ve answered a later question on the previous #honest-speaking, but it’s time to get busy: where’s Brian? Let me be frank, Brian is none of your business. I’m joking… well, half-joking.

Lindsay said she understands the “curiosity” about her affair with a chiropractor, given the duo’s history on the reality show. The couple got married in August 2019 after finding love in season 13 of The Bachelorette Party, but has kept their relationship a relative secret ever since.

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“In the world of reality TV, which is designed to make your relationship fail, we survived and came out on top,” the bachelor’s graduate continued. “Therefore, it is quite natural that the audience wants to know what we are doing, whether everything is in order, and what awaits us in the future. They want the love story to still play out for their public perception. But our contractual public history ended on August 7, 2017. At that moment, we decided that we wanted to control the future of our relationship.”


She explained: “Up to this point, the boundaries of our relations have been determined for us. Now we were free, and together we decided to get away from prying eyes in order to build a strong, solid foundation. And we have successfully done it. Therefore, it is interesting to me that people want to determine the success and happiness of our relationship by the number of posts on social networks, comments, likes and stories that we publish.”

The Texas native claimed that removing her personal life from social media helps her and Abasolo “stay true to who we are as a couple” and avoid the “trap” when they share only positive emotions with fans. “Social media is not a reflection of reality,” Lindsay reminded readers.

“I remember at the beginning of our relationship we were concerned about how we behaved in public and constantly felt pressure to perform for social media because that’s what people wanted,” concluded the former Ghosted host. “It was terrible, and we were slowly moving away from the core of Brian and Rachel and forming into the RnB narrative that this world had created for us. We swore never to do that again. So when days, weeks, and maybe even months go by without social media posts about Rachel and Brian… don’t worry. We feel good here, we cherish our love in private and build a future without social networks.”

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Since their time on the ABC dating series, the two have faced their fair share of criticism. In November 2020, Lindsay defended the fact that she is a couple from two shores and supports her marriage at a distance. “For us, you know, we know how to solve it and navigate, and obviously we have an end goal. It’s not an eternal situation,” she told Us Weekly exclusively about the time—sharing between California and Florida. “The reason we decided to tell people about it is because there was so much speculation about whether we were together or not. …We’re trying to, like, soak up all the time we can spend with each other.”

The author of “Miss Me With That” and Abasolo continue to put their relationship first, despite the assumptions of fans. Earlier this year, the doctor shed more light on how the couple maintains their romance.

“I think we’ve grown so much together,” he said on the Us podcast “Here for the Right Reasons” in June. “Of course, we were engaged for a couple of years. We’ve been married for a couple of years now. We have a new home, we have our dogs, children are also in our future. We just have a lot of great things going on. Our careers are thriving, we’re both in a good place.”


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