Rachel Hargrove of Lower Deck stirs up feud with Austin Kroll of Southern Charm: She had a “bad Experience being around him”


Rachel Hargrove and Austin Kroll. Cindy Ord/NBCUniversal; Maarten de Boer/NBCUniversal

One big happy Bravo family? Rachel Hargrove from “Under the Deck” shocked fans when she said that there is a dislike between her and Austin Kroll from “Southern Charm”.

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On Tuesday, July 26, the 39-year-old chef took to social media to share a story about the Austin Trop Hop beer business, tweeting: “Greetings to the most narcissistic [SIC] cunt on @BravoTV.”

Rachel’s followers were quick to ask why she has been “so offensive” lately, to which she replied: “I’m home… and I have time.” The second commentator noted that the reality TV star can get along well with Madison Lecroy, who in the past dated 35-year-old Austin.

“I’ve never met her. But I had a bad experience being around him,” Rachel tweeted about her connection with the cast of “Southern Charm.”

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In an already deleted post, the “Lower Deck” alum spoke in more detail about crossing paths with a businessman during the NBC Upfronts show in May. Rachel claimed that Austin and Shep Rose were rummaging through her bag at the event. She also claimed to have previously dated Austin in Florida, where she had a bad experience at a party with another Bravo character.

Rachel included a screenshot of her private Instagram posts with Austin, in which the “Winter Home” star was apparently shocked by her recent social media comment.

Later, the Florida native sparked rumors that she wasn’t going to return to the franchise when she tweeted “F-k Below Deck” on Wednesday, July 27. She added that she would no longer be “associated [sic]” with “organizations” in which she “does not believe.”

Austin, for his part, has not yet publicly spoken about the feud.

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Rachel, who appeared in seasons 8 and 9 of “Under the Deck,” also previously had problems with her partner in the film Eddie Lucas. The first officer expressed concern about Rachel’s excessive drinking and her decision to leave right before the charter during her first season. (The cook returned to the boat the next day and resumed his work.)

“For me, resentment means that I really have to take care and attach importance to this issue or this person. I don’t do that,” Rachel exclusively told Us Weekly in October 2021 about Eddie’s comments about her drinking in season 9. “Besides, if you work in restaurants and kitchens, my behavior is no different from anyone else’s. It’s just a little stressed.”

It was important for Rachel to find humor in the situation after she saw her antics unfold on the screen. “It’s definitely bad, but I’m always on stage — it doesn’t matter if I drink or not,” she joked about her behavior during the working day. “But maybe I shouldn’t have drunk so much and really taken a nap.”

Us Weekly has reached out to Bravo for comment.


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